Service and repair

Etmal Company has more than 15 years of tradition, it has become a well-recognized brand among shipowners as a reliable provider of onboard services.

Emergency services and repairs are the main specialties of the company. Our company specializes in the services of various types of hydraulic units as well as other on board marine equipment. We offer services on ships mooring in ports and in shipyards during dock inspections. We work in different parts of the world. We also undertake work during cruises.

The Company's operating range:

Anchor-mooring winches.

  1. Replacement of bearings, replacement of seals, regeneration of shafts, main repairs, alignment of shafts, etc.

Steering machines of all types.

  1. Current inspections, replacement of seals, major repairs, etc.

Services of loading and auxiliary cranes.

  1. Yearly and five-year reviews, emergency repairs, load testing with water loads etc.
  2. Rope replacement, inspections and repairs of suspended equipment (hooks, bulkheads, etc.)
  3. Repair of steel construction of boom arms, cabins.
  4. Inspection and repairs of davits and winches of lifeboats and rescue boats.

Hatch covers with drives.

  1. Servicing of hydraulic systems, repair of hydraulic cylinders, regeneration of piston rods.

Services of all types of motors and hydraulic pumps.

  1. Emergency repairs, inspections and diagnostics on test stations, etc.

All types of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

  1. Emergency and planned repairs, analysis of causes of breakdowns.
  2. Modernization of hydraulic systems.

All fishing and processing equipment on fishing vessels.

  1. Current inspections, replacement of seals, major repairs, etc.

Oil and water purity analysis, system rinsing and oil filtration in hydraulic systems

  1. Realization of shunt filtering without having to stop the device.
  2. Removing water from hydraulic oil

Welding and locksmith works

  1. We perform locksmithing and welding works, we have PRS qualifications in accordance with welding processes 111 and 136
  2. We perform pipe work, in the field of hydraulics, pneumatics and others.

Hydraulic systems for bilge and ballast valves.

Repairs and construction of new crane cabins.

Supplies, reviews and repairs of bow trusters.

Repairs of the land industry hydraulic systems.

Making hydraulic installations on ships and land from own or entrusted material.

Tests and trials

hydraulics devicesy

Special equipment and tools for trials and tests of the hydraulic units.

Stand for tests and trials of engines and hydraulic pumps

This stand is used to test and trial engines and pumps, both new and reconditioned. The sensor unit allows measurements of the following quantities: rotational speed, pressure, hydraulic fluid flow. At the same time the tightness of the device is checked. These figures are reported in the form of a report.

Test stand for hydraulic cylinders

The hydraulic cylinder test consists in checking its tightness using test pressure, regularity of piston rod movement.

We have a number of diagnostic and measurement units which allow us to work straight at the customer place. These are between the other:

  1. Manometers (clock and electronic) and vacuometers in a wide measuring range,
  2. Turbine flowmeters,
  3. Flow oil analyzer,
  4. Tachometer,
  5. SKF device for laser measurement and centering of shafts, electric motors, etc.,
  6. Dynamometers in a wide measuring range, water loads forloading tests,
  7. Boroscope,
  8. Hardness measuring unit.

Movable unis for hydraulics systems rinsing

Professional unit for servicing and maintenance of the hydraulic systems. Used for filling or pumping of filtered lubricants, rinsing at start-up or continuous shunt filtration. Thanks to this, a high class of oil purity is achieved for optimum use of the hydraulic and lubrication systems.

The newest hydraulic generation instruments

Storage facilities with materials and parts for serviced equipment.