Our Services

We have fully equiped technical and maintenance base. We have also a modern moveable technical unit.

We make all routine, emergency and periodical inspections , repairs, maintenances and replacements of the ship devices e.g.: deck cranes, hatch covers opening systems, ballast valves stering systems, e.t.c..

We also make the crane loading tests, using water bags, during shipbuilding overhauls or as daily operation. All our operations are done in accordance with Classifier requirements.

We rinse oil systems, filter oils by the filtrating units. The Oil pollution state measurements are done by our engineers too.

Etmal - Usługi remontowe
Overhaul services

In our offer you can find a wide range of modernisations and overhaul services for the floating units, with adaptations to the current/actual Classifier and IMO regulations.

Etmal - Warsztat hydrauliki siłowej
The hydraulics power systems workshop

We have got stationary and mobile filtrating units for hydraulics systems. It allows us to reach each client.

Etmal - Testy i próby urządzeń
Tests and trials hydraulics devices

We make the hydraulics devices loading tests, in accordance with Classifier requirements

Etmal - Serwis i naprawa
24 hours service

Our company provides 24/7 service and delivery of the necessary materials anywhere in the world.

Quality and Confidence


" The best certificate of our works quality is permanent cooperating with our customers e.g. from Poland, Germany, Norway, The Netherlads etc. and their satisfaction. We cooperate with polish shipowners as PŻB, PRCiP, Lotos Petrobaltic, Euroafrica. "